Diving equipment company heads into new waters at Upton Business Centre

Diving equipment company heads into new waters at Upton Business Centre

Julian Smith at NammuTech

A company specialising in customised diving equipment has now taken on a second unit at Upton Business Centre. NammuTech is a family-run company, set up in 2020 by Anthony Smith and sons Alex and Julian who are all keen divers. Having set up their design and manufacturing in Unit 1B , they bought another diving equipment company in 2021 and expanded into Unit 1A.

‘The majority of our equipment is bespoke’ explains Julian ‘There are probably between 100-200,000 divers in the UK alone. So there’s plenty of demand, it’s just about convincing people about our manufacturing methods because this is very new.’

To the average non-technical person, NammuTech’s manufacturing methods seem incredibly inventive. The majority of their breathing equipment parts or ‘rebreathers’ are designed using 3D printers. Some are made out of PLA, a fully biodegradable thermoplastic polymer consisting of renewable raw materials such as mashed up potato, beetroot and carrots.

As Julian explains ‘Most people think 3D printing is a simple thing but it’s amazing how quickly the technology is advancing’

The team is also finalising plans to have a showroom in their second unit so that scuba-divers can try on equipment and ensure that it is the perfect fit and weight.

‘It’s an exciting time for the business’ concludes Julian. ‘NammuTech is the first company in the UK to design rebreathers using 3D additive manufacturing and we’re going into production this Spring. When you consider we started our business in my Dad’s shed, that’s quite a journey’

‘We’re very pleased that NammuTech has taken on a second unit’ says Martin Wilesmith, Partner at Upton Business Centre ‘They are a pioneering and innovative company and we wish them all the best with their production plans’

For further details about NammuTech visit www.nammu-tech.io